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Our Story  

A piece of Cycling History:  This sign was in my Mom and Dads front yard  and home bike shop 1964.  Now hangs in our Bloomington  Indiana showroom and office.

Late 1964  they achieved so much success Mom and Dad opened a  world class  total concept Bike shop at 1109 south Walnut  street in Bloomington Indiana " Bills Bicycle Mart".  Years ahead of today's modern concept Bike shops.  

 Most bike shop's back  in the day were just side-line business'  often in hardware stores, hobby shops, lawn mower shops auto part stores and even car dealerships. In 1969  they opened a 2nd Concept Bike shop in Lexington KY called  "Dodds Schwinn cyclery"  Both highly successful out the gate  both sold 500 bikes in just a few months and both went on to sell  1000 plus bikes each year thereafter at both locations.  Few bike shops today can match the success of those two shops today.    Late 1971 they sold both Bloomington Indiana and Lexington Kentucky stores to concentrated on New  Florida location BicycleDoctor.

From day one my Dad was called the "Bicycle Doctor" with his amazing repair skills and Moms marketing skills,  In 1970  a 3rd location was opened using the official family name "Bicycle Doctor" in Florida that he operated till his retirement.  Over the course of 30 years, they built up and sold 9 Business.  Including Moms "Safe air Taxi" a charter airlines/ Taxi in Florida . 

 Afterwards in retirement Dad and Mom traveled the USA and world  in a RV,  riding bikes together till his passing in 2017.  Mom continues to live in Florida at my Grandparents House in Port Charlotte and still rides her bike at 88.   

At 84 and a couple years after Dads passing  Mom and her friend Connie Emmons filled one of Dads last dreams.  Together they purchased a New RV

( that's a story for later,  Bank gave a 84 year old a loan for 30 years, it ended well)  to tour the USA again, RVing and riding their bikes  round lower  48 before  heading   to Alaska to delivery part of dad's ashes to Mont Denali.   

 Dad had an itch and loved to travel even after passing he traveled . Part of his ash's are in Our yard in Cayman Islands,  near his boy hood home North Verron Indiana, Mont Denali  Alaska and one of Mom and Dads Favorite Gilchrest Park in Florida,  next to a Bench they purchased with his name on it. 

 After Dodds family sold Bloomington   Indiana  shop "Bicycle Mart"  and Lexington Bike shop   "Dodds Schwinn" in 1971, Steve  stayed behind  in Bloomington , Finished my senior year in High school   and worked at the Bloomington shop for the new owner  till 1974.  No way I was leaving Bloomington.     My girlfriend  and soon to be wife lived on the street behind the Bike shop and we both love the town of Bloomington.  We Both Graduated from Bloomington High School and the rest is History. 

Making the big leap for our Dream to be self employed and control our own destiny:   resign good job that supported our young family  at the age of 21 Steve and Terry in 1974 opened " Bicycle Doctor" and Now called BicycleDoctorUSA .  Still operate Today with son Eric "BicycleDoctorUSA"  a shop that sells local and ships worldwide from Bloomington Indiana  location.    Eric also worked Bicycle Doctor  thru high school and college ,  after graduating from Franklin Collage in 1995  Eric came back to the family Bike shop and Helps Manger/Run  BicycleDoctorUSA including other  family enterprises.  

 By 1995 the concept of retail business was starting to change we went from just a local company to an international company still selling local and now shipping across the USA and  as well shipping worldwide on the internet.   The new name was born "BicycleDoctorUSA".    I often say we out lasted  department stores Sears,  Penny's  and many others .  Hugh companies and small  that did not change when retail went from main street to the internet.  

  My brother Cary and  his son Tim Dodds own and run BicycleDoctorFlorida.com  ,  They took over Bicycle Doctor Florida and took it to new Height.      My other brother Nicholas "  Nic"owned a bike shop on the East Coast and later moved to Florida, he passed away August 2021 from Covid.

Eric holding New Pinarello F frameset   Get our price.

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Steve sporting his 2nd home Cayman Islands Colors

Terry checking out new e-bike Mid-drive

Terry with  checking out Hub drive e-bike

One of our Best selling Bike Hybird 

supper light weight and smooth

Steve Holding our Best-selling bike line Ritchey  , new 50th anniversary

OC  and Steve on OC birthday ride  in Cayman Islands  in front of our Cayman home ,  for years its Age  x 2 = miles on your birthday ride.     10 of us started the day only 2 left at the end .  Both riding our Ritchey break-aways bikes.  supper light and comfortable. 

Dad / Mom and my brothers Nic and Cary  in 1979 in Florida 

Dad and Mom at trade show late 1964 in Bloomington IU old Assembly hall ,  I was working the show with them. 

check out the best selling bike for kids at the time "string-ray" 

Emma Dodds 19 years ago helping out at the shop

Eric with our granddaughter Emma 

at Franklin College, now in her 2nd year,  leaning towards Teacher.

Same college Eric gradationed from and his Great Grandmother went to.

Emma parking at Franklin college 

Steve personal Ritchey on office our Porch in Cayman Islands 

Supporting a local ride Hilly 100

we setup every year 

Here a Photo from back in the day Steve in 1984 with his 2nd Bicycle Doctor service truck .   purchased new in 1978 after wearing out our 1st truck. 

Terry Dodds with her Ritchey Breakaway at her Cayman Home

My Mom, Captain Betty Dodds Chief Pilot and owner Safe air Taxi  in Florida.  Blazing a path for women back in the Day.   1st  Bike co-shop owner and latter got to pursued her dream  to be Chief Pilot and owner of a AirTaxi Business when not many women where pilots let alone Captain and owner of Air Travel Business , Thank goodness  its very common today.   Makes a better path for our granddaughter and all women.

More History from the past from 1964 to 1971 both family Bike shops sold 1000 plus bikes a year. Above two of 10 awards that hang in our  Bloomington Bicycle Doctor USA office /shop today.   

  I did not have opportunity go to college,  straight out of high school I enter the bike world full time.  All turn out to be a blessing. Working at the bike shop while going to and gradatuating Bloomington High School in 1971, I went to school half a day for 3 years and worked at the shop half a day under a program called "distributive education",   at the same time Mom and Dad sent me to every possible factory training and management school classes available at the time.   

I also want to give credit to three of my Favorite teachers At Bloomington High school , Mr Denny Distributive Education program  Head , Al Gallo,  Vice principal Mr. Milanie  and Mr Sturbaum all support me working and going to school 1/2 days . 

 I got an education and retail skills no one can buy. Have no Regets, we have been blessed beyond believe.   

Within a short time out of High school  in 1974 Terry and I open our own company and still run it today with our son Eric. 

  Now Eric and I teach other's many of those old skills  and  new  skills Dayily. We still stay on top  factorty training to service our customer better. 

Eric in His 66 mustang he drove in  High School and College before he got his truck .  This car has not seen rain in over 25 +years. Stored in our Bike shop warehouse.  ASK Check it out if you Visit our shop.