Clarksville Weekly Project Update 02.19.24.pdf

Before and after simulated pictures once the Flood Defense System is complete

Clarksville Flood Protection Perspective Renderings 2023-4-14.pdf

Upcoming Project - Lagoon / Re-Piping Project

The City is planning to change the outfall lacoation for the lagoon from a drainage ditch to the Mississippi River.  The outfall is the location where the treated water comes out of the lagoon to the environment.  This change is being made to meet compliance requirements for ammonia in the effluent of the lagoon.  The project should be complete in 2024 and will use funding the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the form of a 50/50 grant/loan totaling approximately $550,000.00 (per Mark, Bross - Klingner & Associates, PC)

Water Project - New Water Tower

 April 2021  

The current water system construction is a $2 million project to replace the three (3) existing, 60 year old, concrete underground, deteriorated water reservoirs with a 200,000 gallon water tower.  The project is being funded by USDA and CDBG and is 70% grant funded and 30% loan funded.  To optimize water pressures and to replace old, leaking cast iron water mains, water line working along Kentucky Street and Mississippi Street is required.  This project will help modernize the water system, allow better operational control by the water  operator and provide reliability of water distribution and storage for the next 30-40 years.  Maguire Iron (Sioux Falls, SD) is the water tower contractor.  Busy Bee Construction (Lewistown, MO) is the water line contractor.  Municipal Electric Company (St. Louis, MO) is the controls contractor.  Klingner and Associates, PC (Hannibal, MO) is the engineer.  

Riverfront Park

Building the River Steps