Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor Jo Anne Ashbaugh Smiley was reared on a farm in southeast Missouri, near Clarkton, MO. Her father farmed hundreds of acres of cotton, soy beans, corn, and wheat and raised cattle and hogs and was a book-keeper for a Cotton Gin. Her mother was a master piano teacher, and a church organist who also taught music in schools. Jo Anne began the study of piano at the age of four. She discovered her passion for music, singing and performing in musicals, operas, and choirs, and directing choral music while attending Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas and receiving degrees in Music Education and Sacred Music.

In her career, Jo Anne has been a soloist, piano teacher, and choral director in school, community, and church. She was an active member of area, state, and national professional music organizations. She served as a clinician and adjudicator for music festivals, and a presenter at conventions, speaking extensively on the importance of music education for the future of our society. Jo Anne has worked in Theatre as a director, actor, musician, and producer. She spent 30 years as a teacher of Choral Music in Ladue Public Schools, St. Louis MO.

Following her marriage to Wayne M. Smiley, organist/teacher/musician, she continued teaching and directing church choirs while they shared responsibilities in the Ministry of Music. She was elected to the Board of Directors of the St. Regis Corporation of St. Louis with responsibility for maintenance and management of a 40 unit luxury Co-op. Four years later she assumed the position of President of St. Regis where she served two terms. In 1990 Wayne and Jo Anne purchased a Victorian home in Alton, IL and spent ten years restoring a JEWEL.

Upon retirement, the lure of Clarksville continued to beckon to the Smileys. In 2001 they opened B. T. Dove Antiques on Howard Street. In 2003 Jo Anne was elected to the Clarksville Board of Alderman and in 2005 she was elected to serve as Mayor of Clarksville. (Re-elected in 2015)

Fourth Class Cities

The mayor of a fourth class city has the following duties:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Board of Aldermen although she shall not have a vote, except in the case of a tie.
  2. Sign all "orders, drafts and warrants drawn on the city treasury for money and cause the city clerk to attest the same"
  3. Sign the commissions and appointments of all city officers elected or appointed in the city.
  4. Approve all official bonds of officers of the city, unless otherwise prescribed by ordinance.
  5. Is authorized to call on every male inhabitant of the city over 18 years of age and under 50 to aid in enforcing the laws.
  6. Has the power to "communicate to the Board of Aldermen" and recommend any measures she thinks will be for the best interests of the city.
  7. Appoint all appointive officers of the city subject to the approval of the Board of Aldermen, with the exception of the city clerk.
  8. Exercise a general supervision over all the officers and affairs of the city.
  9. Take care that there is compliance with the ordinances of the city and the state laws relating to the city.
  10. Has the power to administer oaths to people who appear as witnesses before the Board of Aldermen.

Mayor-Council Form of Government

The mayor-council (Board of Aldermen) form is the most common form of municipal government in Missouri. In Clarksville (a fourth class city) the voters elect the following officials to two-year terms: a Mayor, Aldermen (2) from wards (2), and Collector. In 1989, the General Assembly authorized fourth class cities to provide, by ordinance, that the Mayor and Collector be elected to four-year terms. In 1998, the General Assembly authorized fourth class cities, by ordinance and with the approval of the voters, to provide a four-year term for members of the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor, with the approval of the Board of Aldermen, has the authority to appoint a treasurer, city attorney, assessor, street commissioner and night watchman, and such other officers as authorized by ordinance.

The MUNICIPAL CODE BOOK Containing the GENERAL ORDINANCES for The City of Clarksville, Missouri is available for your review in Clarksville City Hall