The Basics

Current pricing. These are basic fees and a starting point. Additional photographs and photo editing can be added for an additional fee. For info regarding the using rights to photos, please see the "What rights do I have to the photos?" section in Frequently Asked Questions.

‚ÄčReal Estate Photography Services (2019):

Update: New changes in payment procedures...Payment is expected the day of, but a grace period of up to 3 days will be allowed. Once 3 days have passed, a reminder is automatically sent out and no other homes will be scheduled until invoices are paid in full.

Around 1500 sq. ft. $100.00

1500 to 2400 sq. ft. $125.00

2400 to 3500 sq. ft. $150.00

3500 to 4600 sq. ft. $200.00

4600 to 5700 sq. ft. $300.00

Houses larger than 5700 sq. ft. - fee is based on size and need.

Any location has a minimum fee of $100. Exterior photos only $100.

Elaborate backyards with pools and farm property will incur additional fees. Price determined by needs.

Travel Fee:

A travel fee may apply if the property is over 30 minutes drive time from Arlington, near the Depot area. If the distance to the property is over 30 minutes and the property is under 1500 square feet photos will be scheduled when another property is scheduled for that area. Any home over 40 minutes drive time will incur a travel fee. Travel fees start at $25 and increase based on mileage.


Most people schedule thru text (901-653-9972), but you can also schedule thru email ( or Facebook Messaging.

Homes are scheduled with enough time per home to allow for unexpected needs; like moving an object or two in the kitchen or hiding things on the other side of the bed, but not enough time to clean and move items in every room. For more suggestions on how to have your house ready, check out my thorough list of how to prepare your home for photos. Get Your House Photo Ready

Turn Around Time:

Photos are finished within the same day unless otherwise mentioned.

Commercial Real Estate:

Commercial is defined as any job that is going to be used beyond an MLS listing. If it is something to be put into a portfolio to sell additional products, it is commercial.

Price determined by need. Minimum fee of $150.

Interior Design Photography:

Minimum fee $150. Total cost determined by photo needs and based on number of rooms.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click this link: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in scheduling, please contact me at or Text or Call (901) 653-9972 to schedule real estate photography services.