Copyright & WhY It's IMportant

Photo Usage:

My fees are based on usage. I want everyone to flourish and succeed immeasurably in what they do, but in order to do that, I have to have guidelines in the world of digital photography where I know that image can be used again and again. I also cannot sustain and continue to allow my business to thrive if pricing and copyright info is not fair to every client. Going forward the following is my copyright policy.

I have been plagued with image theft and it only causes me not to be able to do business. Some of my best work has been taken and misused over and over again. If you ask me why I no longer photograph old barns and pretty scenery, my response will come down to the theft and misuse of my images put me out of business. Just image being asked by an entity to donate an image for their website and you give that to them for their website. The next thing you know you see a post on Facebook with a nice canvas print of that image hanging on their wall behind them. I gave them that image for their website, which is what they asked me for, but in the end, they sent it off to a printer, who made money and I have nothing to compensate me for the gas money, time and equipment use for that nice canvas image hanging on their wall. If someone uses an image beyond specified use it causes the image to have no value. No value = no income to stay afloat. That is the reality of digital photography image use and why Copyrights are important. Digital photograph is an image you see on screen, but to get that image on screen, there is a cost. Camera equipment, computers, internet services, backup services, website fees, etc. Time is very valuable. I can't take the time to provide the image if I don't have payment for the time and use of that image. If I'm out of business, I can't help you stay in business.

I know I have to charge a reasonable price so my services can be affordable. In order to do that my fees are based on usage. Each photograph I take ends up being a work of art, whether you look at it that way or not. I charge a minimum of $75 for digital images of landscapes and other scenery that I have photographed. This is for unlimited use for a limited audience. I charge more for unlimited use for a broader audience. The same photography and editing time goes into real estate photos for each and every image I create for every room. I know I cannot charge $75/image so I charge by usage. Short-term, temporary use is not going to require such a large fee. Long term use and a broader audience equals a large fee.

I have fees set on my website and that is for a ONE TIME image use on the MLS. I know that more can be done with these images out of my control, so I can only assume to see them on social media posts, websites and I'm sure that people print them and give them to clients. That is a lot of use for a set of house images, but it's a short term use.

If you are using my home photos for another MLS listing, you are using my images more than I expected when the home was scheduled to be photographed. If the house goes up for sale again and it has changed ownership, you need to have it rephotographed. My fees are for a ONE TIME MLS listing. My fees are based on a short term use of the photos. The usage ends once the home sale is done. Any expected use of the photos beyond the sale of the home need to be spoken of before the job is scheduled so appropriate fees can be charged.

If you are the one paying me for the photos, you have the rights to use the photos. You can post them online or print them. You can put text over them and crop them. Use them to market your service or product. I want your business to thrive so I would hope you would use the photos to market your services.


  • AGENTS: If you are an agent hiring me to photograph the home for an MLS listing, my basic fees include the rights to list the home ONE TIME on the MLS. You cannot give the photos to the builder to use for their marketing purposes. If you would like to share rights with the builder and use the images for multiple MLS listings, that would be considered commercial licensing. Please ask me about fees regarding this.
  • BUILDERS: If you are hiring me to photograph your home, my basic fee includes a ONE TIME listing on the MLS and the rights for you to use images on your website, social media, and prints to promote your business. If an agent is involved in listing the photos on the MLS, they can list it ONE TIME, but they do not have the rights to market anything but the home. If the agent wants to also use the home photos to market their real estate services, they can pay a fee to do so. If an agent had utilized my services and you would like to purchase the rights to use the photos to market your building services, please contact me for pricing.
  • OTHER ENTITIES BEYOND THE BUILDER AND REAL ESTATE AGENT: If you are wanting to use the photos to highlight your company's service or product that appears in the images, you have the right to share a social media post from the source who has the rights to the photos. If you would like unlimited rights to the photos to use on your website or print media, please contact me about fees.

When scheduling a home with me, if you are planning to use the photos beyond a ONE TIME MLS listing, please let me know up front so I can charge a fee accordingly. I watch my local listings all the time because I love seeing "CONTINGENT" on my listings. I'm over-joyed when the listings get a contract quickly. Please be respectful of my Copyright policy so I can be over-joyed with seeing listings become "CONTINGENT" and not having to take time from my work photographing homes to deal with Copyright infringements.