Christy Hunter Photography

I am no longer photographing and do not plan to restart my business. I've left my website the same since I stopped working in July 2020 for historical purposes. The interior house images were all using a technique called "flambient" which combines flash and ambient lighting. They were blended together in Photoshop. The exterior images used a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography where I blended multiple images together in a software called Photomatix. On rainy/overcast/cloudy days I would change up the sky. In the end I tweaked everything in Lightroom. It was lots of work, but I was happiest with my work using these methods.

Because it's been almost 2 years since I stopped working I have had lots of time to reflect on the things I did. Some of the favorite things were helping people clean and straighten. So many times I would walk into the unexpected; the rental home that was going up for sale that was in a mess, the home owners having major clutter, furniture in the worst places for photos, dirty rooms, etc. I would help clean them. That wasn't my job, but it sure helped bring confidence to the homeowner and/or agent that was putting the house on the market. I think helping others this way sort of filled my soul. I remember cleaning an entire kitchen before photographing and it just really seemed like I really helped make a difference.

You would be surprised how many people thought their home was just the worst and no one would buy it. Wait a minute! That is so wrong because every house was special. There was something great about every house. Even the messiest rental house I photographed had something great about it. Homeowners need to hear the good/positive because selling a house can be so stressful. I have found agents are sometimes just therapists, lending an ear to their clients who just needed to vent or talk to destress. I felt the same too. There were some homeowners that just needed to talk. My favorite conversations were ones where the homeowners and I had commonalities. Many times something in their house got my attention and I would just start talking about it. We just talked and I would leave their house in such a positive mood.

One of the greatest honors is the trust I had from agents and homeowners. I was allowed to photograph in many homes by myself. They trusted me not to damage or take anything. This was such an honor. It did not come right away. I photographed a lot of houses in the beginning with someone present. It was great to earn that trust. That trust made my job easier because I found when no one was around I didn't feel hurried and my mind would not be distracted.

I am no longer photographing as a business and rarely do I photograph as a hobby. Photography done right is a work of art and work. It can be mentally draining, with hours being spent on a computer editing. I've had years of learning from successes and failures. The subject matter that still "melts my heart" is the old, and historic; the abandoned, decaying, left behind things. I'm not eager to spend gas money or the time to drive around photographing old things so if I do photograph it's usually in the woods behind my house or birds in my backyard. Regularly I do look thru my older photos of old barns and abandoned things and re-edit them to my current preferences to post on Instagram. I do not post on Facebook as I have more theft and mis-use issues from that form of social media. If you liked to follow me on Instagram my account is christyhunter72. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, but for now I'm just taking care of things at home; working in the yard, cleaning the house, etc.

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