Courses Taught

Speech Science

PALS0009: Introduction to Speech Science

PLIN0065: Principles of Phonetic Science


ENG210: Introduction to Language and Linguistics

LLI-2-017-001: Phonetics: Exploring Human Speech Sounds

MRES 800171: Speech Production (Unit: Learning and Processing Human Langauge)

SHCA 102042: The Sound of Language (lecture, tutorial, and coordination)


FR101: Elementary French I

FR102: Elementary French II

FR104: Intermediate French II

FR106: French Active Review II

FR213: French Phonetics

FR500: Beginning French for Grads


L.1: Business English

L.2: Comprehension-Expression

L.2: Comprehension-Synthesis

L.1-3, M.1: Oral Expression

L.1-2: Pronunciation

L.2: Translation