Gray Hair, Don't Care!

I recently wrote an article for 55 Plus Magazine about woman over 55 embracing their natural gray and white hair. This was such a great article to write and research. So many people helped me, but some names and photos didn't make it into the final piece. I wanted to make sure I thank Jen Marks, Jill Glidden, Melissa Brown, Annette Daniels-Taylor, Karen Stein, Elizabeth Banner, Cecilia Moffat, Nancy Washer, Ellen Bahr, Christina Selian, Blue-Ruby Daniels-Taylor, Andrea Bonawitz, and Carrie George. Read the published article here.

Revival In Rochester

I've loved Son House for a very long time, so back in the winter, when I heard about Geva Theatre Center 's production of Keith Glover 's Revival: The Resurrection of Son House, I pitched a story to 585 magazine. I had the privilege to talk to both Glover and the Tony Award Winning Cleavant Derricks who plays House.

Last night I saw the show and was blown away. It was a brilliant production, and I believe everyone in attendance was moved. When I spoke to Glover for my article he said, "If Son was sitting there collaborating--and I think he is--he would go, 'Yeah, this is what is real important to me.' " Well, Keith, I think you made House pretty proud with Revival. You could absolutely feel House's presence in that theater. Bravo!