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Lunar Reflections: A series of Yoga & Meditation practices aligned with the new & full moons (2022)

For $5, from 7-8pm, explore practices from local teachers!

Created with friends, this group will take you on a journey through different practices and teachers, while you experience your own moon magic.  Please pay / contact the leader directly. 

Next up: The Power of Wind

On Thursday, March 31st, we will honor the new moon with a gentle meditation focusing on the element of air and the power of the wind.

This meditation is open to one and all, and no prior experience is needed.

Cost is $5 to attend:

Venmo: @Christine-Green-54

Paypal: -

April 18 (full) - Laura Gavigan

April 30 (new) - TBD

May 16 (full) - Lisa Hunter 

Email chrissygreenny (at) for more detailed registration information.

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