Christine Green

photo by Michele Ashlee-Meade

About Christine

Christine Green is the managing editor for Rochester's (585) magazine, (585) Kids magazine, and Upstate Gardeners' Journal. She was also the founder and host of  the popular reading salon, Words on the Verge

Christine grew up in San Jose, CA and holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from U.C. Berkeley and an MA in  anthropology from the College of William and Mary. Christine was a member of the Listen to Your Mother 2017 Rochester cast. She was also a member of the Listen to Your Mother 2020/2021 Production Team.

Her essays, articles, poetry, and creative nonfiction appear in several literary journals and magazines.

Her debut novel Sweet Tooth  is forthcoming from Zaftig Press.

Forthcoming from Zaftig Press, June 2024

"With this collection of poems and stories spanning generations, Christine 'Cinnamon Girl' Green’s first book, Sweet Tooth, offers a potent and haunting examination of romance, grief, trauma, heartbreak, and the chutes and ladders of the human condition."

Michael Benson, author of Mosquito Point Road, The Age of Zodiac, and The Devil at Genesee Junction

"Like the tastiest of chocolates, Christine Green's marvelous little book can be devoured in one sitting. In Sweet Tooth, seemingly disparate memories build a lyrical mosaic, from California to Rochester, NY, and plumb the depths of all that makes us human: life and death, youth and age, love and loss. Green writes with the hard-earned wisdom (and humor) of someone who has weathered life's earthquakes, literal and figurative. Though it's a short book, Sweet Tooth will stay with you long after you put it down."

K.E. Semmel, author of The Book of Losman

"True to its name, Sweet Tooth delivers one delectable literary morsel after another in this powerful collection of tidy essays. Sensory details depict a life of ambiguous emotion, nostalgia, and resolute perseverance. A highly satisfying read."

Robin L. Flanigan,  author of 100 Things To Do in Rochester Before You Die and Climbing Out: An Adventure in Rediscovering Life After Loss