My mission is to help parents create transformative and sustainable changes in their families.

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Custom Packages

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A.  **10-12 Session Package


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Group Coaching

Parents Helping Parents

4-6 Sessions ($40/pp)

Topics Include: 

"Catching the Vision"

"Empowering vs. Enabling"

"Why Do They Act Like That?"

"Short Term Fixes vs. Long Term Solutions"


For any group of parents in a school, church, civic or neighborhood

Fees vary from $400-$1000, depending on a variety of factors.

Sliding scale consideration for low-income parents. 

Taming Technology as a Team

Our family still matters. How are devices making us less connected to one another? What solutions can be created within your unique family so that a balance is maintained and peace is restored in your home? In this interactive workshop, we'll explore practical solutions to create a win-win scenario. 

From Good to Great

Relationships take work, but they don’t need to be a constant struggle. Just like with dancing, we need to move and practice to become better at what we enjoy. We’ll look at the big picture and how a common vision helps us stay focused on building stronger relationships within our family.  We’ll also consider the four most common parenting approaches and which one empowers your child/adolescent to become a capable adult with the life skills they need to thrive.   You’ll leave feeling inspired to invest the energy and courage needed to get back out on the “dance floor” so you can move your family from “good to great” for the long term.

Game Changers of Empowered Parents

When you see your child/adolescent upset, dysregulated, or misbehaving, how does it make you feel and what do you usually do?  Ignore? Punish? Bribe? It can be exhausting. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn more about what thoughts, feelings, and choices often drive those negative behaviors and ways to respond with courage instead of reacting out of fear.  

We’ll explore ways we can lift our children with genuine encouragement and listen effectively with open ears. hearts, and minds. It’s never too late to cultivate joy and harmony in your home.

Roots and Wings: Two Lasting Gifts We Give our Children

Did you know that 75% of the time you ever get to spend with your kids is over by the time they turn 12 and 90% of your time is gone by the time they are 18? That means we need to slow down and give our attention and intention to shaping our children’s minds and hearts.  In this workshop, we’ll explore the essentials needed for you and your child on this journey. You’ll be inspired to make better decisions and have fewer regrets.

A Lighthouse Parent

It takes courage to parent well. In this interactive workshop, we'll explore short term fixes and long term solutions to the challenges we face in this fast paced, digital culture we live inHow can we nurture the autonomy and connectedness they need to thrive as they grow into responsible adults?