Parenting is hard.  There is no doubt about it. We are all doing the best we can.  I wholeheartedly believe that every parent needs some kind of support outside of themselves.  Now that I have three adult children and I'm a grandparent to these precious children pictured above, I often reflect back and wish I had the chance for some "do-overs" because of what I have learned through PCI.  This kind of heartful wisdom is what I want to share with you so that you will make better decisions and have fewer regrets.  When we gather in my "Hurd Huddle", you'll bring your own expertise of your family and I might offer relevant research and new insights to help you hone in on your own values,  parenting styles and strengths you bring to your family. We'll use a strengths-based approach to tackle the challenges which drain you and keep you restless at night.  You can count on me to be your cheerleader to help you to see obstacles in a new light and to celebrate with you as you make small steps toward your desired future.  

Now that I am retired from many years of middle school teaching, I am keenly aware that the word "family" looks different for most everyone.  Whether you are a single parent, a blended family, or parenting with a spouse/partner, I'm here to cheer you on. In this fast paced, digital environment we live in, many parents often feel "lonely."  I can assure you that you are not alone with the struggles you face. Those feelings of exhaustion, confusion, and frustration are common. We will work together for solutions that will bring you increased confidence, more energy, and most importantly HOPE for your future days.

What I know for sure is that "quick fixes" don't last.  When we meet in "our huddle", I will keep an open mind, ask questions to prompt new ideas, listen deeply without judgment and use my expertise to help you identify what the next steps must be.  I am NOT a counselor/therapist who will focus on healing of past emotional wounds.  Instead I will begin on equal ground with whatever current challenges you have and  work to empower you to move forward toward the optimal home environment you want.  Together we'll create long term solutions which support your life purpose and values. You'll be amazed at what this process accomplishes for everyone.  Wait and see. 

Great parenting happens one moment at a time. 

See parent coaching as an investment.....Aren't you worth it? 

Christi is certified through the graduate program for the Parent Coaching Institute at Seattle Pacific University and also certified as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator.  This post-graduate training, along with her B.A. from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a M.A and National Board certification in Education helps her provide a thorough understanding of the optimal developmental needs of children, adolescents, and teens.

Her experience as a corporate public speaker, youth ministry mentor and weekend retreat facilitator, as well as being an adopted twin, a mother of three and a grandmother of two gives her front row perspectives for supporting parents in our present age.