Feedback Received

Here is some of the genuine feedback we have received for our service:

[This is my] second time using CHOICES, both times really helpful. Not offererd anything like it from my GO. CBT wasn't working through the NHS and without CHOICES I don't know where I would have turned to. My counseller has been great, thank you.

[CHOICES] has personally changed me from being very depressed into being happy with my life and it has honestly help massively. It needed to be done and it will help others if they need it.

I would like to thank [my counsellor] and everyone at CHOICES for their support over the years. I am a different person now - THANK YOU!

The service is an excellent amenity. I've felt very able to commit to the service because CHOICES and staff have no judgement and have always supported me.

My counsellor helped me sift through the fog and has been fantastic communicating with me so I have been able to get back into the real situations with life / family issues.

Thanks you ever so much for allowing me the appointments needed to get me where I am today.

[My counseller] helped me get through my anxiety that I was carrying with me. I thought that talking about my worried helped me get through my anxiety. I looked at a glass of worried and we talked about them.

May I offer my sincere thanks to my counsellor. What a warm, helpful, friendly and caring person. I will be forever grateful to my counsellor for helping me through a very difficult time.

[what I found most helpful...] Someone to talk to.

[what I found most helpful...] Being able to open up about problems I had.

[what I found most helpful...] Someone to talk to that wanted to help me.

Easy to talk about things without being judged...

Seeing a counsellor made me understand how I felt and changed me from a stressed and depressed person unable to cope, into someone who is now able to look forward to a different future. It's great to know I have someone to support me if I need it in the future. I would have no problems re-using the service.

[what I found most helpful...] Being able to talk more to someone without a biased view as well as finding techniques to deal with my feelings.

I found my counsellor very helpful and understanding. She didn't push you to talk before you were ready to face unpleasant memories. I feel as I have grown more with my confidence and facing difficult situations from the past... so thankyou for the help you have given me.

[what I found most helpful...] Helped me to understand and know myself better.

[what I found most helpful...] I found talking to someone about my problems and feelings was helpful.

My counsellor has been fantastic and has helped me very much.I'd like to thank my counsellor for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel.

The service you give is brilliant and I hope you continue this good work as people like me needed someone like you.