History of Chikubukai

Kosho Kuniba was five years old, when his father was killed in the World War II. His uncle, Kosei Kukuba, who was a Karate master, adopted Kosho as his son and started teaching Kosho his art in the dojo that he had named it Seishinkan. Kokuba sent Kosho to Mabuni, Tomoyori  to enrich Kosho's Karate skills. Later he called Kosho, Shogo. 

At the age of 24 Shogo Kuniba became the youngest Soke in the Japanese Karate system, and took over all responsibilities of his father, which mainly came from Choki Motobu. Therefore, he was the third Soke of RyuKyu Motobu-ha Karate do, after Motobu and his father. In 1970 Kuniba took over the administrative responsibility of his father's organisation and named it Seishinkai

Kuniba integrated his ideas in Aikido, Jūjutsu, Jūdō and several traditional schools, he named his Karatedo style Motobu-ha Shito Ryu, the style in which he was the first Soke. According to the International Seishinkai Karate Union website Shōgō Kuniba, had had the rank of Hachindan (8th Dan ) in Karate do, Iaido, Kobudō and Goshin Budō. These different styles were the bases for creating his new martial arts in Kuniba-ha Shito Ryu, Goshindo, which was a new self-defence system, Iaidō  as a variant of Mugai-ryū and Kobudo from Ryukyu Kobujutsu. Later Kuniba was promoted to 9th Dan by the Japan Karate Federation (JKF). 

When Shogo Kuniba passed away, his organisation was splited. In Japan, Kunio Tatsuno became Soke of Motobu-Ha Karate Do and Kaicho of Seishinkai. In the U.S., Kuniba named William H. Price as second Soke of both Kuniba-ha SHito Ryu Karate Do and Kuniba Ryu Goshindō on March 16, 1992. Kuniba was honorary promoted to 10th Dan by the JKF after his death.

Shogo Kuniba is a well-known master of Japanese matrial arts. He started training Karate Do with his adoptive father (his uncle) Kōsei Kokuba (student of Choki Motobu), founder of Seishinkai. Shogo has also practised Shito Ryu Karate Do under its founder, Kenwa Mabuni, Shorin Ryu with Shōshin Nagamine and Kenyu Ryu with Ryusei Tomoyori. He named his style of Karate Motobu ha Shito Ryu later. In addition to Karate Do, he practiced different martial arts styles Kubodo and Iaido, Judo and Aikido. Shogo Kuniba had his own methods in Iaido, and Kobudo and invented a self-defence system and called it Goshindo.

Watch the video made by Hanshi Darren Myer, one of the old students of Shogo Kuniba, him.

Chikubukai International Karate Do is an organisation having four arts of Shogo Kuniba as its main streams. This organisation is founded by one of the oldest and closest friends and students of Shogo Kuniba, William H. Price. The four martial art systems of Kuniba are further continued under this organisation. As a result of Kuniba, Soke's passing away on July 14, 1992 the organisations, which he headed broke with most following William H. Price as Shogo Kuniba, Soke had directed in a declaration enacted on March 16, 1992. It stated among other things the following (http://www.chikubukai.org/main.php?section=history):

 "William H. Price is named by me as Second Soke of both Kuniba Ha Shito Ryu and Kuniba Ryu Goshindo."  and "Upon my death, William H. Price is named Soke of Kuniba Ha Shito Ryu and Kuniba Ryu Goshindo. He shall assume all duties and responsibilities currently undertaken by me. Goichi Kobayashi shall serve as head advisor and Shoji Kiyama as advisor."

 In addition to this notarised document, Kuniba, Soke made a public declaration of the above statements on May 30th, 1992 at the Waynesboro Correction Academy in Waynesboro, Virginia, in the presence of approximately 15 Yudansha.