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Zebrafish model in regeneration research

About the Chen Lab

Unlike mammals, some vertebrates like salamanders and zebrafish, are able to regenerate complex tissues (e.g. lost appendages, injured heart muscle, and transected spinal cord). Understanding how and why natural regeneration occurs in these lower vertebrate species can ultimately transform medicine and human health.

The goal of my research program is to uncover the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which zebrafish regenerate complex tissues as well as identify novel key factors that are essential for the process. The long-term goal of my lab is to translate our findings for enhancing regenerative capacity of human tissues and organs in vivo.


跟哺乳類動物不同, 某些脊椎動物像是蠑螈和斑馬魚有很強的再生能力。這些動物可以再生被截斷的身體肢體, 受傷的心肌和脊髓神經。了解再生過程是如何發生? 為什麼這些動物有很強的再生能力? 相關的基礎研究有機會可以突破目前再生醫學發展的瓶頸。

我的實驗室利用斑馬魚研究再生過程的細胞機制, 尋找和了解調控細胞行為的重要基因和分子訊號。實驗室的長期目標是應用發展我們的研究成果, 增強人類組織和器官的再生能力。

Latest news

2018/12/10: Congratulations to Marco for receiving the award for the best oral presentation and Keat-Ying for receiving awards for the best flash talk and the best poster presentation in 2018 Taiwan zebrafish symposium.

2018/7/6: We welcome Claudia Lacombe, Yew Hong Wen, and 唐晏鍾 joining the lab as summer interns.

2018/4/9: We welcome Uday Kumar from TIPG-MBAS program joining the lab.

2018/3/5: We welcome Chung-Han Wang joining the lab.

2018/2/22: We welcome Keat-Ying Chan from TIPG-MBAS program joining the lab for rotation.