CHCF Alumni Network

The CHCF Alumni Network offers access to more than 600 clinician leaders who transform health care - and communities - across California.

Who are We?

We are graduates of the CHCF Healthcare Leadership Program. We seek to improve health and health care delivery in California by:

  • facilitating learning,

  • collaborating across health care sectors,

  • performing collective actions, and

  • offering continued professional and personal development of network members.

Alumni, you can:

Search for peers in the Alumni Directory

  • The directory is for CHCF alumni only and is password protected for privacy. Please contact for the password.

Connect with alumni on our LinkedIn page

    • Post general questions to all alumni

    • Post & find a job

    • Health Equity

    • High Needs, High Cost Care

    • Innovation Group

    • Social Justice Action Group


Alumni Dinner with guest speaker

Jacey Cooper, DHCS

January 20, 2022

2022 Spring Alumni Meeting

April 28-29, 2022 - Newport Beach

2022 Fall Alumni Meeting

September 15-16, 2022 - Long Beach

Access resources

    • Find a variety of toolkits, training materials, and more provided by alumni interest group members.

Share your stories of leadership and innovation

  • CHCF alumni act to improve health and health care delivery across California. We invite you to submit your stories of leadership and innovative solutions with the Alumni Network and CHCF to promote change.

    • California Health Care Improvement Projects (CHIPs) are designed by CHCF Health Care Leadership Program participants with the goal of addressing meaningful challenges or opportunities in health care.