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CENTRAL ARIZONA SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE (CASALLC) partners with individuals, families, schools and other service providers to deliver the optimal continuum of health, education and social services, with an emphasis on services that support individuals and families to acquire the skills to live productive and responsible lives.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adverse Community Environments (ACEs)  encompasses various forms of physical and emotional abuse, neglect, and household challenges experienced in childhood and within our communities. The harms ACEs can be long-lasting, affecting people even in their adulthood.

Behavioral health is the scientific study of the emotions, behaviors and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in every day life and their concept of self. “Behavioral health” is the preferred term to “mental health.” A person struggling with his or her behavioral health may face stress, depression, anger, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, addiction, ADHD or learning disabilities, mood disorders, or other psychological concerns.

Our team brings a broad array of talents, perspectives and expertise to the table every single day with an eye on both the present and the future. They push themselves and each other to find the very best solutions for our community, our partners and the patients we serve. It’s a leadership team that’s composed of true leaders. That’s what we have at C.A.S.A.

Caring Aspiring Supporting Adapting

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Low cost or No cost services to approved AHCCCS members.

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