Ibirapuera Park, April, 27, 2002. Photo by Spencer Tunick

Father since 1990, Vegan for the Animals, XVX Straight Edge, eclectic, minimalist.

Alex Cebe (Alex C. B. Guimarães) was born in Brazil, Vitória/ES, July/29/1963. During 1965 his family moved to Rio de Janeiro/RJ and in the year 1970 they moved to São Paulo/SP and currently he lives in this city.

The first guitar was a gift from his mother (1979). At that time he worked in the ornamental plants store of his parents and studied at Objetivo College and completed his studies in 1981. Between 1982 and 1983 he served as a soldier at 2nd Battalion of the Brazilian Army Police and later returned to work in the family store. In 1984 he studied psychology at FMU School for 1 year. Between 1985 and 1988 he studied Music at FPA School.

2005: The broadcast by Ricardo Corte Real on Kiss FM for House of Blues (São Paulo, SP, Brazil).

2005 /2009: He played as a half-time busker in the streets of São Paulo.

2011: 'Jeans and Hat' was featured by Brad Cole on Third Rock Radio broadcasting (Allentown, PA, USA).

2021: 'Jeans and Hat' was included on the Amazing Radio US lineup (New York, NY, USA).

2021: Searching for new forms of musical expression, he begins to compose in the sphere of Underground / Experimental / Noise Music under the 5D NOISE project.

In the city of Embu da Artes/SP. Studio recording.
Performing at the vernissage of the visual artist Sidney Lacerda.

Currently Alex Cebe is also involved into the activism related to the Vegan Movement.

. for the animals
. for the planet
. for the next generations
Act for the Bees - THE BEE CONSERVANCY
THE BEE CONSERVANCY is a public charity established in 2009 in response to the bee crisis. Bees lie at the heart of our survival. They pollinate 1 in 3 bites of food we eat and are essential to the health and prosperity of countless ecosystems. However, bees are in peril. They engage in education, outreach, support research and build bee habitats. Act now. Photo: PollyDot / Pixabay GmbH