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I DECLARE that I want to be collaborating permanently for a happy society, for the increase of love and unity, for the well-being of people and animals, for the preservation of the environment, for a better world for the next generations and for the world peace. #IDWP

I BELIEVE in a world in which people live happy, joyful, healthy, carefree and safe. A world in which there is respect for Nature and moral balance in the midst of diversity. A world in which justice prevails, with abundance of the best in people.

For the sake of the next generations.


Alex Cebe here. I'm a Brazilian musician living in São Paulo SP city and creating instrumental acoustic music: instant download the tracks now as 100% free full mp3 tracks (no e-mail required) or buy them (better quality - other formats).

Main social profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook . Hope you enjoy and come back for more. Thank you very much for your presence here.

"Great slide!" Hank Ray (California , USA)

"Cool Stuff !" Lee Silby (Arizona , USA)

"Your playing is unique ." Bex Marshall (South East , UK)

"Your stuff is deep!" Timo Gross (Heidelberg , DE)

"Love your music ." Jimmy Parker (Nashville , USA)

"Very good and unique musician!" Dejan Bucalo (Kranj , SI)

"I really enjoy your vids ." Texas Jake (Texas , USA)

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How about choosing Love, being Love and spreading Love?

Be the brightest star in your own sky. You are an Universe, you carry millions of galaxies within you. Light your own fire: Creation has given you the joy to celebrate your freedom. You are in the eye of the hurricanes, in the core of our sun, in the deepest part of the oceans, in every grain of sand from deserts and beaches, in every thunder, in the top of every mountain, in every waterfall, in every flowing river, in the interior of each volcano, in the sap of each leaf, in each stone, in each crystal, in the root of each tree and in each passing cloud.

Your physical body carries fire, water, earth, air and electricity.

Create your own gods, your own entities, your own avatars, your own scriptures, your own religion, your own language, your own pulse, your own way of life and your own palette. You are allowed to do this because it is all just between you and Creation. Make your own spells and rituals. Compose your own canticles. Create and chant your own mantras. Remember: you chose Love, and because of that, you are free. You are part of Mother Nature and, like all plants and animals, you are in total harmony with Creation. The lightness of your heart allows you to fly wherever you want.

The spirits of Good observe you, admire you, accompany you, protect you and guide you. The walk is essentially lonely and there is no problem with that. Your life is immersed in the rhythm of the 'here and now'. You are timeless and you have the necessary alignment to continue contemplating Creation. You are Light and the Universe loves you.

You are wild. You always has been, you always will be.

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These are solo creations and are ready for you put in your projects, videos, web, films and more. Instant download now . My material is Royalty Free. All originals. Yes, you can share/copy/redistribute it in any medium or format for the cited purposes, even commercially. Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0). Post Production by Sonic Mystery. Please read the Terms of Use before any usage

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