(SIG-DSU 2.0)

It was Spring, new things were bound to happen. And they did. Looking back (that was the Spring of 2018, i.e. March of that year), it surely was a good idea, that is, this version of Critical Disability Studies in India (CDSI) or SIG-DSU 2.0—we are more enriched and aware, that is a substantial gain; it was Spring after all.

This newer version of our earlier group, was a natural consequence of our interest re-orienting slowly but surely towards a critical analysis of disability studies—our dear friend for the past 6 years then. Question everything, that basic dictum of any critical enquiry, became our guiding light, that led not only to re-christening the group's name and changing its focus but to also a questioning of our own inner souls -- our motives and our modus.

The first thing that fell to incessant questioning by some of us is our level of gender awareness. It was no less acheivement then to re-form the group and re-group on 17th March, 2018 under the new banner and the first thing that fell on our agenda was a policy on Gender Awareness. Since then, we have read more and more feminist texts and reoriented ourselves towards thinking from the perspective of critical disability studies.

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