Junior High


    • Junior High Choir Vice-President: Cydnee Gilmore (Waynesville)

    • cygilmore@waynesville.k12.mo.us

2022-23 Dates and Reminders

  1. Open to 6th-9th Grade Choir Students.

  2. $5 per student.

  3. February 4, 2023 (Tentative) at Waynesville High School

  4. Entries are due January 27, 2023. Please complete the Google Form.

2022-23 Forms and Information

  1. JH District Choir Invoice

  2. JH District Choir Entry Form

  3. 2023 Practice Tracks - ***The tracks don't have any vocals. If you would like vocals, please give me more time.***

  4. Repertoire notes from the clinician.

"It is my hope that some schools may have copies of these selections in their libraries or they might be able to borrow copies from teachers in other schools. Probably #5 and 6 will have to be purchased - I will supply copies of #4 or the cost will be nominal."

"Follow the Drinking Gourd - Althouse (Unison/TB) I hope to get permission to re-voice or copy unison copies for the men."