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A Letter from MCC's Scout Executive

This letter was released April 4, 2017 3:54pm via MCC's Constant Contact distribution list.

Read the story below and view the video...

This happened at Belk Scout Camp this past weekend.

Are you ready to overcome your fear?

Maybe (this) young (man) can help you!

Thank you for your continued support of our Scouting programs.


Mark Turner

Scout Executive

Mr. Turner,

........ I am an adult Scouter, Cubmaster and most importantly a father of a Webelos Scout in Mecklenburg County Council, Hornet's Nest District. I want to share with you a situation my son was in that made my wife and I both cry and beam with pride.

This past weekend our pack participated in the Catholic Camporee held at Belk Scout camp with, while sponsored by the Charlotte Diocese Catholic Committee on Scouting, was staffed by many of your Scouters. The moment of pride came when my son decided he wanted to repel down the tower, a fearful task for many (including myself). He made his way to the top of the tower where Sasha Timkovich was waiting to help him, encourage him and cheer him on. After making his way over the rail and being properly tethered in, his fear started to take a stronger hold of him and even after much support, reassurance and patience from Mr. Timkovich, he decided to not continue down the outside of the wall. Sasha helped him back over the rail and assured him if he were to come back to Webelos Adventure Camp they would try again.

Now this fortunately is not the end of the story. (My son) went back down the stairs and went over to the other climbing stations where he successfully attempted climbing the wall with the support and encouragement of the other staffers. Given this found pride and strength in himself he once again ascended the inside of the tower to repel down. Again Mr. Timkovich was waiting at the top to help him with his fears. With trepidation, he climbed back over the rail, was safely secured and overcame his fears to descend the wall repelling down! I was given a video taken by Mr. Timkovich of (his) repel, and in it you can see where his fear and self-doubt is grabbing hold of him and how Sasha helps talk him through the process and encourages him and helps him to overcome those fears and persevere to success. I thought you may want to see for yourself this great moment of growth so I have included a link for you to see.

I wanted to thank you for having such a great staff of dedicated Scouters who put the Scouts' best interest first and let you know how much value you and they bring to our lives.

Yours in Scouting,


Cubmaster and Proud Father

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