CDCCOS Catholic Camporee

Our Diocese holds an annual Camporee event each spring.

Attendance is open to BSA Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, & Venturing Crews, American Heritage Girls and Girl Scouts of America members.

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Click on either of the following links to download a registration form in PDF or MS Excel format. If you have any issues, e-mail .

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Registration is open for the Charlotte Diocese 42nd Catholic Camporee at Belk Scout Camp in Midland, NC !

1) Below is this year's registration form in both Excel and PDF formats.

Please register through one Unit Coordinator with your home unit. If youth scouts are attending outside their home unit, please contact to coordinate.

2) Unit Coordinators - Instructions for completing and mailing the form are included. When you have your unit information ready, complete the entire form and send one copy with your check payment. Be sure it is postmarked by February 19th. An additional late fee of $5 per attendee will apply to those registrations postmarked after that date.

3) Requests for volunteers will be sent under separate cover. "Many hands make light work..."

4) As we had last year, we have to address liability requirements for use of BSA's facilities, so Unit Coordinators must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) showing liability coverage. The certificate can be obtained through your parish business office. It shall be made out to:

Boy Scouts of America, National Council and all of its

affiliates and subsidiaries including:

Mecklenburg County Council #415

1410 East 7th St.

Charlotte NC 28204-2488

5) If anyone is working on Youth Religious Emblems, please contact Deacon Martin Ricart in advance for pre-planning. Emblem Award documentation and fees are due to Deacon postmarked two weeks prior to Camporee to guarantee receipt at Catholic Camporee.

Deacon Ricart can be reached at 704-453-1125 or via e-mail at .

God Bless,

Catholic Camporee Committee