CCITE is an educational consortium founded by Professor Adrian Oldknow and supported by the HJB Charitable Trust and the Hamilton Trust in Cambridge's silicon fen bringing together leading thinkers in education, industry, business, research, academia, technology and entrepreneurship to design whole-school STEM solutions to meet the current skills crisis threatening UK's economic prosperity. It has now expanded its activity both in the UK working with iSTEM clusters of schools and also with European partners in (currently) Spain, Hungary and Finland.

Our most recent work`iSTEM+’ (read “i-STEM Plus”) stands for `integrated STEM education including more subjects, skills and people’. Its most recent implementation has been acknowledge by the UK Times Educational Supplement.

In the words of the school: “We identified that perhaps our curriculum could provide more opportunities to develop that, we thought we would provide our own Stem curriculum, but using the concept iStem+, and that came from our Stem ambassador, Professor Adrian Oldknow" of CCITE.

The ‘i’ in ‘iStem+’ stands for ‘integrated’, to ensure that Stem is genuinely incorporated into the curriculum, while the ‘+’ symbolises how the subject is given a real-world context, often through partners in industry and research. Again, from the same TES article:

“We know that a lot of schools might have a Stem Day or Stem Week, but actually it’s like ‘so what?’ It needs to be more than that.”

We present our work on iSTEM+ and also micro:bit and the EU KIKS project both of which are rooted in iSTEM+.

Also, the latest on the iSTEM+ network of users and content developers is featured in the : STEMNet National STEM Learning web site. Supporting documents and resources are also lodged here.