Booster Club

The booster club is designed to support players, coaches and raise funds for the girls soccer program. Each year, we ask for your support by volunteering for various events and purchasing booster Creek soccer clothing for your player. The proceeds help fund the all-player dinner at the end of tryouts, end of season team banquets, uniforms, equipment needs, and many other things that make Creek girls soccer such a great program! Your contributions to the booster club allow the players to circumvent major fundraising initiatives.

How can you support the booster program?

  • Join the booster program by purchasing a booster clothing package for your player. Players enjoy wearing the Creek soccer swag and parents love there is no major fundraising! There are three levels of packages to choose from. The booster package profits go towards purchasing uniforms, soccer equipment, all-player dinner, team banquets, end of season keepsake photo and more!
  • Volunteer to help coordinate indoor, player dinners, be a parent coordinator, team parent or serve on the board.

All parents are invited to attend booster club meetings!

Booster Club Board:

President / Amy Gill / Email

VP / Jim Schneider / Email

Secretary / Kristin Babson

Treasurer / Daphine Inboden / Email

Booster Apparel / Rosann Bryannt / Email

Webmaster- Indoor & Camp Registrations / Lisa Mauvais / Email

King Soopers Cards / Kristin Babson / Email

Team Parent Coordinator / Kristin Babson

Indoor Coordinator / Reneil Magday / Email

Mark Inboden / Media Specialist

Booster Meeting Dates:

(cancelled) Apr 29 6:30p / CCHS East Building - Room 204

May - TBA