Grid reports

For each star, list the times of observations of that star in a grid form, one line per day, with a horizontal resolution of 1/20 of a day (0.05 day). This allows to easily see when observations have been made of a certain star. The idea is to make it easy to see how much coverage a given star is receiving, to see if you might want to observe it as well or pick a different target that isn't getting enough coverage.

In the grid, '.' means no reported observations for that time, 'X' means observations occurred then; '2' or larger means that two (or more) observers reported observations for this star for the same time period. Depending on desired coverage for that star, this may or may not be useful.

The span of dates for each grid represents the date range for the earliest to latest observations currently available. Remember that old observations are removed (after 30 days) so that only recent activity is displayed.

Before the grid sections below are the observers and the date ranges for their observations. Remember that any CBA submissions that could not have their times parsed will not be included on this page.

Remember that these observation times are parsed from the email submission headers, so if there are typos there then it won't represent the actual data.