Current Data

The "Raw Subject Text" contents below are the lines read from the CBA web site, which in turn come from the email headers on submissions.

The other columns here are data parsed out of the raw text, including the star name and start/end times for the observation. The start/end times are only present here if they could be parsed from the raw text; if they could not be parsed then the "Comment" field indicates the reason for this. If the Comment is "No times found", this is usually because the raw text did not include "JD" or "HJD" before the observation times.

The entries in this table are the values currently being used to produce reports on the other pages.

If there is an error in the data here, contact me (Joe Ulowetz, CBA Illinois) and I can fix it in my system. Reports are usually recalculated every hour. There is no other way for CBA observers to alter the existing values stored here (other than contacting me), but any new CBA submissions will automatically be added here.