CBA Recent Summary

Summary of recent submissions to the web site:

This site maintained by Joe Ulowetz, CBA Illinois. It updates once an hour to reflect any new submissions listed on the site.

The following guidelines are suggested for your email submissions to cba_data in order to make use of the reports on this site:

  • These reports are generated from the email subject lines of the submissions; I do not have access to the actual submitted data.
  • Each email should be for just one star and just one night
  • The email subject should start with the star name; it helps if the star name consists of 2 space-delimited sections (eg. "HT Cam xxother things"). Other formats may not be parsed correctly.
  • Please use the same format for the name of a star each time you submit it so the observations can be grouped together. If you can use the same format for a star name as other observers then they can be grouped together. I can clean up some format differences (eg "assasn-17qn" becomes "ASSASSN 17qn" and "t pyx" becomes "T Pyx"), but other differences might be missed.
  • To make use of reports involving observation times, include the letters JD or HJD followed by two Julian Dates for the start and end times of the observing run (one night). It is fine to limit the number of digits in the date to just a few (eg. 023.917 or 8023.917). Please do this for both the start and end times so they can be parsed correctly. Please include at least two or three decimal digits in the times. For example: "V1294 Tau - 20171220 - JD 8108.496-8108.657 " Note that any calendar date entries are ignored; they aren't precise enough for timing reports. Note: if the letters JD or HJD are not present, I may not be able to parse the observation times correctly for your submission.
  • The purpose of this web site is to produce reports to assist with planning observations, to see which stars already have recent observations and which don't; in particular, see the "Grid Reports" page on this site. Old submissions of data are not used for these reports. In addition, entries are dropped from consideration 30 days after they were sent to cba_data.
  • Optionally, this web site can also provide rise/set times for all the CV stars currently reported, generated specifically for your observatory, in case this would help you for your target planning. See the "Rise/Set Reports" page for how to arrange for your own page here. This report also provides sun and moon rise/set times.

General comment: I'm using the "new" Google Sites for this web site, and they have not fully rolled out all the intended features yet. so the "look and feel" isn't quite what I had in mind yet. Plus, this is the first web site I've put together, so I'm learning as I go. I hope to improve it as time goes on. Feel free to contact me with suggestions/advice/changes/improvements. Thanks!