The Catenian Association London Charterhouse Circle

Province 14 Circle 49

What is the Catenian Association?

The Catenian Association is a group of Catholic professional and business men who meet socially once a month for the free exchange of views, and to help and encourage one another and their families in their social and business lives.

The Catenian Association was founded in Manchester in 1908 and has 11,000 members throughout Great Britain. There are around 300 Circles throughout The UK, Ireland, Australia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Malta and recently rapidly expanding rapidly in Goa in India. Members are referred to as Brothers. Members must be practising male Catholics.

Applicants are sponsored by an existing member who recommends him to the Association. Potential members not previously known attend a few meetings prior to being sponsored by a member.


To foster brotherly love among members

To develop social bonds among members and their families

To advance the interests of members and their dependants by individual and collective action To provide guidance and assistance to Brothers and their families seeking employment

To establish, maintain and administer benevolent funds.


We gather once a month on the 1st Tuesday for a formal meeting at 19:00 followed by dinner at 20:15 with the proceedings aimed to finish by by 22:00.

Members are expected to make every effort to attend these monthly meetings, and to take part in the Circle's activities.


The membership fee comprises a portion which goes to administration of the Association's affairs nationally and a portion which goes to cover the costs of the Circle's meeting.

The Circle's annual subscription is £150 (subject to change) and the two course dinners including wine plus chocolates cost £39. (subject to change)

The Future

The social, cultural and environmental pressures on Catholics in the 1990s are obviously different from those which existed at the start of the last century, but the aims of the Association surely remain just as relevant. New problems demand new solutions.

The Clergy

We, as Catholics, have a valuable and substantial role to play in sustaining the development of our Catholic Community. The Catenian Association support us in achieving this high ideal and we organise an annual Clergy dinner.