• "Drowning Ophelia" (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2017)


Short Fiction

  • "Haute Gamer's Guide to the GurlQuest", Winning! A Guide to Games that Never Were, March 2016

  • "The Rustle of the Wind", Building Red: Mission Mars, October 2015

  • "Frozen Thaw", The Lorelei Signal, January 2015

Short Screenplays and Teleplays

  • “Brain Hack: Radio Cheeta Call-in Segment”, Video Game Monologue, Beyond Good And Evil 2, Ubisoft, Forthcoming.

  • "O Loving Hate", Animated Short, dir. Carolyn Agee, Hitrecord, February 2019

  • "Taxidermy Tales: Family Photo” (with Laura Martin, Raphaelle Hoffmann, and Ivan Tomasz), Animated Short, dir. Laura Martin, Hitrecord, December 2018

  • "Herbert and Isle: On Family" (Credited Contributing Writer) Animated Short, dir. Edward Gallacher, Hitrecord, October 2018*

*Premiered at New Orleans Film Festival October 20, 2018 (NOFF 2018) as part of the HitRECord Shorts Showcase 2.

Children’s Fiction

  • "Octavio: A Spider’s Story", Eeny Meeny Miney Mo: Tales for Tired Tykes , July 2018


  • (Concept by) "In Event of Breakup" (with Matt Conley), The Art of Breaking Up, Harper Design, January 2020


  • “Hill of the Hidden People”, NonBinary Review, No. 23/March 2021

  • "Forest of Us", Nightingale & Sparrow, Micropoems, Woodland/November 2020

o Reprinted: "Forest of Us", Nightingale & Sparrow Micropoets: The Top Ten – 2020, December 2020

  • "Bee Mine”, The Art of Breaking Up, Harper Design, January, 2020

  • "Marsvindur", Nightingale & Sparrow, Micropoems, Nevermore/October 2019**

  • "Confusion" [II], Unfold, February 2018

  • "Admire the Moon and Other Advice”, Incandescent Mind, The Selfish Issue/Fall 2017

  • "Buried, Burial, Brain", Write Like You're Alive 2017, October 2017

  • “In Response to the Apology the Democratic Party of Washington Never Sent”, Pre-Existing Poems, May 2017

  • "Aching at the Scent of Rain", Breath and Shadow, Vol. XIV, No. 2/April 2017

  • "Monarchy", Write Like You're Alive 2016, September 2016

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  • "The Deception of Eve", If and Only If, October 2015

  • "Whitewashed House in Grassland", Petrichor Machine, Issue Five/May 2015

  • "Body Mapping", Pentimento magazine, Winter 2014-2015

  • "Glacial Raft", Niteblade. Vol. 22/December 2012

  • "Necrotizing Anima", Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing, Vol. IV, No. 3/July 2012

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  • "Wrestling", Pagan Friends, Samhain 2011/October 2011

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  • "Come Forth", Rubber Lemon, Issue 3/March 2011

  • "I", Rubber Lemon, Issue 3/March 2011

  • "Procession", A & U: America's AIDS Magazine, February 2011

  • "Benediction", A Flame in the Dark Quarterly, January 2011

  • "Glamour", A Flame in the Dark Quarterly, January 2011

  • "Ophelia's Reflection", Moon Washed Kisses, January 2011

  • "Restless Exodus", Perspectives Magazine, January 2011

  • "Within the Labyrinth", The Lorelei Signal, January 2011

** Best of the Net Nominee

Visual Poetry Exhibitions

  • "Muninn og Huginn" - Featured in a temporary indoor mural - JAG Artworks - Installed June 2018

Micro Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction

  • "Showman Calling", Nonbinary Review, No. 13/June 2017***

  • "A Lenten Examen of Past and Future Incarnations of Myself", Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ Creative Anthology, June 2017/Vol. 1

  • "All Too Beautiful to Last", Nonbinary Review, No. 11/December 2016

  • "Letters to a Young Aberration", Resilience: Stories, Poems, Essays, Words for LGBTQ Teens About Growing Up, Surviving, Living and Thriving, January 2012

*** Pushcart Nominee