Profiles & Interviews

Agee, C. (2018, May 15). Artist Feature: Parris Blue Photography and Carolyn Agee. Cre’ateur Magazine, (01).

Carolyn Agee's modeling collaboration with Tina Tang of Parris Blue Photography is profiled.

Agee, C. (2017, February 16). Actress and Author, Poetry and Prose: How They All Intermingle [Interview]. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from Hamline LitLink

Carolyn Agee discusses how her poetry, prose, acting and life all influence each other.

Agee, C. (2015, May 15). Author Interview: Carolyn Agee [Interview by J. L. Cannon]. Retrieved August 2, 2016, from Mission Mars: Building Red Website

Carolyn Agee discusses the craft of writing.

Traylor, N. (2010, March 08). Getting into Print. The World, p. 1. Retrieved August 2, 2016, from

Carolyn Agee shares historical research used while writing her play "Ember".