Carolyn Agee is an author, actress and spoken word performer living on the Puget Sound.

Her books include “Drowning Ophelia” (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2017), and “Ever Silence Menacing” (Mount Analogue— Political Pamphlet Series, 2016).

As a classically trained actress, Mx. Agee has appeared in many film and stage roles including Benvolio in “Romeo & Juliet”, Fortinbras in “Hamlet” and originating the role of Portia in “In Juliet’s Garden”. She has lead Long-Form Improv workshops and has studied The Alexander Technique with Lauri Blouke Kain. Recently, she was a contributing writer to Herbert and Isle: On Family, which premiered at last year’s New Orleans Film Festival (NOFF 2018).

When she isn’t suffering from existential depression, she enjoys petrichor, unknown forest trails and intimate gatherings of kindred spirits.