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For People in High-Tech and Sports Industries

DATELINE: Davidson, N.C. -- For Immediate Release -- January 6th, 2020 – A new company, Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation, opened for business today to help media relations, marketing, and corporate professionals improve communications results, press coverage, and business growth.

The company provides media relations, editing and writing, and content marketing services for professionals in high-tech and sports business-to-business (B2B) companies in the Davidson and Charlotte areas, as well as around the United States.

Carolina Content & Media Relations focuses on helping media relations professionals create compelling news releases and news hooks, write and edit articles that land publication in key media outlets, amplify press coverage and storytelling on social media channels, and ensure accuracy of content to build trust with reporters. The company also helps improve storytelling and credibility of corporate spokespeople.

For content marketing professionals, this new agency assists with aligning storytelling with corporate priorities, producing and promoting blogs that help generate sales leads, pitching new ideas effectively to corporate executives, and delivering high quality content that moves people to take action.

Corporate strengths: versatility, publication results, and deep high-tech and sports expertise

"The strengths of this company include the versatility to provide media relations and content marketing services, the flexibility to produce several different types of writing, and deep experience and publication results in the high-tech and sports industries," said Charles Hartley, the company president.

"The company aspires to refine – and in some cases redefine -- the ways media relations and content marketing are strategized and executed," added Hartley. "Chances will be taken. Dull, predictable, and ineffective ways of doing media relations, writing, and content marketing will be abandoned. Newness and freshness will be embraced. Human benefits will be emphasized. The corporate mission is straightforward: producing lively and memorable content that delivers better business outcomes and helps people lead more fulfilling and enjoyable lives."

Media Relations Blog: How to Generate Media Relations Coverage and Amplification on Social Media Channels

This new company believes in exploring and embracing fresh story angles, swimming away from sameness, and rising above predictability. “The goal is to produce educational, inspiring, and entertaining communications services that energize people," Hartley added. "Brainstorming will be embraced because it sparks new ideas that deliver better results."

Focused on high-tech markets such as artificial intelligence and blockchain

For more than 25 years Hartley has worked in the corporate communications industry with experience in media relations, writing and editing, and content marketing.

In high-tech he focused on consumer electronics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, aerospace and defense, blockchain, fraud prevention, security, cloud computing, and data analytics. Before this corporate communications tenure, he reported and edited for a publisher about the fiber optics, telecommunications, and sensor industries, and launched two technology-focused publications.

Charlotte's vibrant high-tech market

This work has helped prepare him to serve technology companies in the Charlotte area, which recently earned a ranking of sixth in the United States as a technology leader, according to a CompTIA Tech Town Index 2019.

Based on job posting data over a 12-month period (August 2018-July 2019), the report indicates that “the Charlotte market offers businesses a chance to evolve within a flourishing tech scene and offers IT professionals an opportunity to flex their entrepreneurial muscles...Charlotte continues to be a tech magnet.”

“Charlotte’s vibrant technology market offers great opportunities for this new business to help companies solve their problems and succeed,” Hartley added. “I had the good fortune to climb aboard the technology train in the early 1990s when fiber optics became all the rage with the promise of bringing high-speed broadband services into homes.

Creating next chapter of high-tech story in Charlotte and beyond

“The tech train kept rolling. I rode that during the explosion of the Internet, smartphones, semiconductors, satellite radio, and all the way through to the recent rise of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, and blockchain. It’s been a great ride, and I’m looking forward to staying aboard to help create the next chapter of the high-tech story with Charlotte-area clients and beyond.”

During his career Hartley helped clients in major corporations land press coverage in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, the Financial Times, Reuters, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg, and the Harvard Business Review.

In his media relations roles, he has written articles published in Forbes, Fortune, Fox Business, San Jose Mercury News, EE Times, Multichannel News, Wireless Week, and Aviation Week.

Blog content on website

To help educate clients, the B2B media relations agency regularly posts business blogs for media relations, writing and editing, and content marketing professionals. Additional blogs will be excerpts and analysis of books focused on these markets.

Writing and editing

Hartley has authored hundreds of published business articles. For the sports industry he has written more than 100 published newspaper sports articles and nearly 100 online blogs.

“Sports offer great opportunities for crafting compelling stories and life lessons that touch the hearts of people and inspire them to pursue their dreams,” Hartley added. “I hope my passion for sports and communications will help companies in the sports industry pursue their passions, achieve their business goals, and make their lives more meaningful.”

Content marketing

Hartley also gained experience in digital marketing as a writer of blogs and case studies and conducted website content audits and search engine optimization programs. He gained HubSpot certifications in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Sales Enablement.

Moved “home” again to be near Wake Forest

Hartley moved to Davidson in 2018. Before the relocation, he lived in New Jersey for 23 years and led media relations programs for Accenture, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies. He returned to the South for the warmer weather and to be near his alma mater, Wake Forest University.

“My academic experiences at Wake Forest energize and guide me to this day,” he added. “It feels like a homecoming to be back near that dynamic place where I learned so much about life, and can now easily attend home football tailgates and games. At Wake Forest I developed a passion for exploring new ideas, developing purposeful approaches to life, and seizing the moment particularly by reading great literature books and classic plays. My Wake Forest education played a part in my decision to start this new and forward-thinking company.”

About Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation

Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation LLC provides media relations, editing and writing, and content marketing services to business-to-business clients in the high-tech and sports industries. The business serves clients in the Davidson and Charlotte, North Carolina areas and across the United States. In media relations the company offers services such as strategic media relations planning and execution and writing and editing of news releases, opinion articles, executive speeches, blogs, case studies, and feature articles. The company also provides media training for corporate executives. In content marketing the company offers writing and editing services for blogs, website copy, case studies, eBooks, messaging, keyword strategies and execution, content audits, and competitive content analysis. Visit the website here:



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