Carolina Content & Media Relations Corporation LLC

Media Relations

Writing and Editing

Content Marketing

Educating, inspiring, and entertaining

Improving written communications, press coverage, and business opportunities

Serving media relations, marketing, and corporate executives in high-tech and sports markets


Carolina Content & Media Relations believes:

Everything this company does should challenge conventional thinking

Embracing fresh ideas, story angles, and communications strategies stirs peoples' emotions, moves them to act, and helps businesses grow

Focusing on corporate purposes, causes, and beliefs draws people to brands and intensifies loyalty

Swimming away from sameness stimulates creativity and makes companies stand out

Simple storytelling sells

Collaborative brainstorming energizes people and ignites new ideas that grow businesses

Aiming high in communications inspires people and produces better outcomes

Educating and inspiring individuals to achieve their goals is paramount

Business should be enjoyed.


Carolina Content & Media Relations helps people:

Improve the quality of communications, press coverage, and business opportunities

Solve communications problems

Communicate stories of passion, inspiration, and overcoming obstacles

Educate and persuade reporters and buyers

Coach thought leaders

Bolster brand reputations

Increase sales leads, productivity and prosperity


Carolina Content & Media Relations uses customized strategies and techniques for media relations, content marketing, and writing and editing. Following are a few examples:

Media Relations

Identify stories of keen interest to reporters such as problems, predictions, future investments, market changes, and business triumphs

Focus on what reporters care about most: what's new and what's next?

Content Marketing

Start by providing helpful and educational content to buyers

Focus value propositions and differentiators on buyers' problems, challenges, and goals

Leverage keywords and call to action links to improve effectiveness of content and drive sales leads

Writing and Editing

Write clear, original, and compelling storylines that emotionally engage reporters and buyers

Edit content repeatedly to improve clarity, flow, readability, and emotional impact