Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Media Relations, Writing and Editing, and Content Marketing for B2B Companies

In High-Tech and Sports Industries

What does your company believe?

-Everything this company does should challenge conventional thinking

-Embracing fresh ideas, story angles, and communications strategies stirs peoples' emotions, moves them to act, and helps businesses grow

-Focusing on corporate purposes, causes, and beliefs draws people to brands and intensifies loyalty

-Swimming away from sameness stimulates creativity and makes companies stand out

-Simple storytelling sells

-Collaborative brainstorming energizes people and ignites new ideas that grow businesses

-Aiming high in communications inspires people and produces better outcomes

-Educating and inspiring individuals to achieve their goals is paramount

-Business should be enjoyed.

What does your company do?

-Improve the quality of communications, press coverage, and business opportunities

-Solve communications problems

-Communicate stories of passion, inspiration, and overcoming obstacles

--Educate and persuade reporters and buyers

-Coach thought leaders

-Bolster brand reputations

-Increase business productivity and prosperity

How does your company do this?

Carolina Content & Media Relations uses customized strategies and techniques for media relations, content marketing, and writing and editing. Following are a few examples:

Media Relations

-Identify stories of keen interest to reporters such as problems, predictions, future investments, market changes, and business triumphs

-Focus on what reporters care about most: what's new and what's next?

Content Marketing

-Start by providing helpful and education content to buyers

-Focus value propositions and differentiators on buyers' problems, challenges, and goals

-Leverage keywords and call to action links to improve effectiveness of content and drive sales leads

Writing and Editing

-Write clear, original, and compelling storylines that emotionally engage reporters and buyers

-Edit content repeatedly to improve clarity, flow, and readability, and emotional impact

What is the company's focus?

This company does not focus on technology per se or solutions and platforms and product features. Carolina Content & Media Relations believes solving solving peoples’ problems, challenges and obstacles and helping them achieve their aspirations.

The company provides services for the industries we know best: high-tech and sports. Above all else, Carolina Content & Media Relations believes in helping people succeed and enriching their lives.

What are the key strengths of this company?

The strengths of this company include the versatility to provide both media relations and content marketing services, the flexibility to produce several different types of writing, and deep knowledge, experience, and publication results in the high-tech and sports industries.


What services does your company offer?

The company offers media relations, writing and editing, and content maketing services for B2B companies in the high-tech and sports industries.

In media relations, the company offers strategic communications planning and execution, media training, news releases, opinion articles, speechwriting, and press pitches.

The company provides writing and editing services for a range of document types such as news releases, white papers, speeches, and opinion articles. The company also edits and writes business and sports blogs.

In content marketing, the company can create strategic content plans, message targeting, blogs, eBooks, and case studies, The company also offers website content writing and editing, and content audits.

Can a customer use all three of your services or choose to use only one of them such as media relations?

Customers can use one of our services, or two, or all three.

What problems does your company solve for media relations professionals?

-Create compelling headlines and news hooks for news releases

-Write articles for publication in media outlets

-Write in conversational, jargon-free style

-Ensure accuracy of content to build trust with reporters

-Improve message delivery and credibility of corporate spokespeople

-Conduct original research and pitch to reporters

What problems do your company solve for marketing executives?

-Align marketing messages with corporate priorities

-Achieve more productivity with fewer resources

-Deliver high-quality content faster at affordable costs

-Build trust and credibility with C-Suite executive

-Pitch new ideas successfully with C-Suite

-Write various types of content such as blogs, case studies, and white papers


Do you offer media training services for corporate professionals?


Does your company draft corporate marketing messages?


Do you offer social media services?

Yes. The social media services are integrated within the media relations and content marketing services.


Does your company write and edit website copy?


Does your company do website content audits?


Does your company do graphic design, create videos and/or create photos?

The company writes and edits content. We can add videos and photos to blog postings, for example.

Target Customers

What types of organizations does your company offer services to?

The company offers these services to business-to-business companies in the high-tech and sports markets.

Industry Expertise

Does your company have deep expertise in a specific industry?

The company has expertise in high-tech and sports. The company has a track record of generating positive outcomes for communications programs in various segments within high-tech such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, cybersecurity, consume electronics, data analytics, and the Internet of Things.

The company also has written hundreds of published sports items as either articles or blogs. The articles have focused on professional, college, and high school sports including basketball, football, baseball, swimming, tennis, and golf.

Geographic Focus

Does your company focus on companies based in Davidson and Charlotte, North Carolina only or North Carolina broadly and beyond the state?

The company will serve clients in all these places including companies based in high-tech hotbeds such as the Raleigh Durham, NC, area, as well as Austin, Texas, and Silicon Valley.


How much does your company charge for its services?

This depends on the type of project and duration. The business charges competitive rates.

Do you charge different rates for media relations services as compared with content marketing and editing services?

Yes. It depends on the nature of the work. Generally, for more strategic communications planning the rates would be higher than, for example, writing a news release or blog.


Who leads this company?

Charles Hartley

What is his background?

Charles has more than 25 years of experience providing business-to-business communications services for corporations. He has won numerous performance awards for his work.

In the content marketing arena, he has earned HubSpot certifications for passing courses in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Sales Enablement.

He also earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Master’s Degree in Journalism. Charles earned his undergraduate degree with a double major in English and Communications from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


How can a company get in touch with you to learn more about your services?

Please send an email to