Some ways we can engage in work

Find ways to work outside of colonial, patriarchal, and supremacist structures and systems
Discover ways to uncover deeply-entrenched barriers and understanding where to go from there


Reclaim old, and create new spaces where everyone is given the chance to truly thrive

Some more familiar words you’re probably looking for are: facilitation, project management, design thinking, change work, storytelling, and consultation.

Some familiar, and perhaps not-so-familiar tools we can explore the work will be through systems mapping and systems design, workflow and process creation, anti-oppression and equity policy audits, operations audits, new process and policy implementation, community engagement, etc.

Someday, I hope to offer mediation for community accountability, and guidance in transformative and restorative justice. I’d also love to one day be involved in community gardening initiatives, working alongside others to rebuild our relationship with the land.

Learn more about some of my past achievements in the for-profit sector and how I honed my technical abilities in systems thinking, project coordination, and process implementation. Each item below is a clickable link:

Where I’m directing my energy right now

  • As Board Treasurer at Kapisanan Philippine Centre, rebuilding the organization’s foundation, decentralizing power, and nurturing a culture of empathy. Read more about my work by clicking this link.

  • Preparing to launch a series of Conversational Filipino language classes, so that Filipino/a/x youth in the diaspora can reclaim what was taken away by the inter-generational trauma of assimilation. Learn more by visiting atingkultura.com

  • As a peer advisor for a 2SLGBTQ+ organization in York Region, spurring them to find ways to effectively reach underrepresented groups, and providing insights into non-Western queer and trans perspectives.

And in general, existing in and contributing to communities that prioritize and facilitate decolonization, transformation, healing, and liberation. If this is something you’re looking for as well, reach out and I will gladly connect you to these wonderful spaces!