Calendar of Events

December 2019

  • C3 steering committee: Finalize Warrant Article text (DONE!)
  • C3 steering committee: Identify CCC champions for 50 New Hampshire towns (DONE+)
  • C3 steering committee: Roll out training materials to CCC Champions (DONE)

January 2020

  • C3 steering committee: Provide weekly zoom training and Q&A for C3 town champions.
  • C3 town champions: Collect signatures on town warrant article petitions.
  • C3 town champions: Submit signed petitions to town halls.
  • C3 town champions: Submit Letter to the Editor in local papers to explain the warrant article to voters (template provide by C3 steering committee).

February 2020

  • C3 steering committee: Provide weekly zoom conference for the public to answer questions.
  • C3 town champions: Submit a second Letter to the Editor in local papers (three weeks before the town voting day, template provide by C3 steering committee)
  • C3 town champions: Attend Board of Selectmen's meeting when they review the warrant article petition to answer question (see script in Files)
  • C3 town champions: If you town has a deliberative session (SB2 towns and some others) attend and provide support for it (see talking points in Files)

March 2020

  • C3 town champions: Towns with town meetings: attend town meeting in person to speak in favor of the warrant article, and to answer questions and concerns. (See presentation, script, and suggestions in Files for ideas).