About This Grassroots New Hampshire Effort

In 2007, The Governor of New Hampshire signed a Climate Change Resolution following a vote of approval in 164 towns on a warrant article asking Congress to pass legislation that would reduce climate pollution and protect the economy:

This 2007 NH Climate Change resolution called for prompt, effective federal action.

Congress failed to act.

Our 2020 Carbon Cash-Back Coalition town warrant article effort begins where the 2007 effort left off. This time we are explicitly telling our legislators how to accomplish what the first effort asked for. We are asking them to implement the most efficient lever available to reduce climate pollution (a fee on the production of fossil fuels based on their carbon emissions) in a way that protects the economy and is fair to all citizens (a full rebate of all the money collected minus administration costs to all households on an equal basis).

We are a group of NH residents - business owners, employees, parents, students, community leaders, and voters - who understand that being good stewards of our economy requires being good stewards of our natural environment.

We understand that change starts with each one of us.

We know that the decades-long failure of the energy market to account for the true costs of using fossil fuels is the root cause of the climate crisis. Carbon Cash-Back is an efficient and fair solution to address that market failure while protecting the economy and family budgets.

We support putting this approach to good use in New Hampshire, which will help motivate legislation of Carbon Fee and Dividend at the federal level, which will in turn strongly encourage all other countries to follow our lead and match our carbon price.

This is a grassroots effort to let voters in towns across New Hampshire take one small step to enable a giant leap forward to address the global problem of human-caused climate change.

If this sounds good to you, please join us!

The C3 Steering Committee consists of an ad-hoc group of volunteers from across the state, including members of the Pemi Climate Emergency Coalition, Citizens' Climate Lobby, 350NH, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), and other civic-minded individuals.

C3 Town Champions are citizens just like you who have stepped up to put the climate action warrant article on their own towns' ballots. You can do this for your town too! See the Join Us page to learn how to get started.