This is a list of links I find, that I think may interest followers of this site

• Common Core Standards for 6th Grade Visual Art

• Common Core Standards for 7th Grade Visual Art

• Common Core Standards for 8th Grade Visual Art

• WikiHow: How to Critique Art.

• Great blog site for learning the construction method of drawing cartoons.

• Simple step-by-step drawing site using popular cartoon characters.

The Art Story -- awesome-looking site that has tons of references to Art History

• University of Delaware Art Programs: Drawing & Digital Media.

ArtStation •• Vimeo introduction (online portfolio for inspiration)

Skull Alphabet dingbat font, from a Google search, and Pinterest page, and another that linked to this Star Wars dingbat font.

PNGtree is a site I stumbled across while reviewing an online Art Instructor's site, to see how she markets her classes and work. Another is Envato Elements, which has Graphic Design templates.

The Role of Creativity & the Arts in the 21st Century Education is an article that addresses the issue I have struggled with since beginning the transition to teaching Art & Design in 2010: Why do we still teach Art? How is Art relevant to society, etc., particularly when there are times it seems too many students do not seem to have an interest in being at school for any reason?

Listing YouTube videos to learn a variety of techniques:

How to draw braids and another one (quite a bit longer)

David Nichols’ Calligraphy Videos on youTube (from the previous Celtic Knot Video

• One more Celtic Knot, with shading, (slightly different method, no narration, unfortunately)

The Impossible Star (requires a ruler & permanent marker or gel pen)

The Impossible Square (requires a ruler & permanent marker or gel pen)

• A series of Anatomy Drawings from a Japanese(?) Twitter site like Pinterest (scroll through to the ones with samples). And this one is another anatomy site on Pinterest.

• This is a link to the Pages page on Facebook

Mural Project

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