Welcome to the new CaptivArting.

This site is the new space for all the videos and sample lessons, originally created by Mr. Wing at Creative Performing Media Arts Middle School in San Diego, California. Who am I? Here's my bio page from our school website (for the 2017-2018 school year).

For those of you who followed me when I used Weebly to build my websites, here's a link to the original CaptivArting site that I began back in 2010 while employed at Kearny High School.

Entire video, including introduction.

TEDx Talk on the importance of Mindfulness exercises.

These videos are somewhat arbitrary, used as examples of embedding YouTube video into your Google Site. The difference between the one above on the left and the one immediately to the left? The latter begins at the ringing of the bell, beginning at the meditation portion (@ 2:22 into the video).