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What is a Charism?

A charism is a gift that comes from the Holy Spirit. Its purpose? To serve others, and especially to build up and renew the Body of Christ, the church.

• When religious communities use the word charism, they mean the particular gift of the Spirit that inspired their founder—a man or woman of bold vision, who gathered other people to help turn that vision into action.

• Charisms enable you to tell religious communities apart from one another. The Holy Spirit calls these groups of men and women to different things and gives them different gifts. We need all these many gifts to build up the Body of Christ.

• The charism guides the community as it makes decisions about its mission and its future.

The Charism of the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence

As Daughters of St. Mary of Providence we are called to reveal the provident love of God, the Father through works of mercy.

Through our vows, we conform ourselves to Christ, poor, chaste and obedient and our gift of self becomes "providence" for those we serve and meet each day.

The Spirituality Animating the Charism of the DSMP's:

God is my Father

I am His beloved Daughter.

Divine Providence

I entrust myself to God who provides.

Heart of Christ

The love of His heart inflames my heart


Nourished by Christ, I give myself in love.

Our Lady of Providence

Mary is our Mother

We entrust ourselves without reserve to Mary. She is our Mother and example of holiness who invites us to journey with her and to make our lives a gift of Providence. As a true Mother, her ear is attuned to the voice of God and to the needs of all of her children. We ask her intercession, knowing that she hears our prayers and speaks them to her Son, Jesus.

As we respond to God's invitation to follow Him, we imitate her example of attentiveness as we seek to reveal God's Provident love through works of mercy.