We are a group of 4 partners from Lithuania, Belgium, Latvia and Spain, all interested in developing the European identity in our students, families and local community and improving our educational practices . We will do it through the knowledge of our artistic heritage and its peculiarity and going in deepth in the knowledge of important artists from other countries and their work (E.Patmalniece , R.Magritte, Gaudí and M.K.Ciurlionis ). It can help our students to value much more the European cultural heritage and achieve that all them be involved in its respect, safeguard and conservation.

The different profiles of our schools and their staff can contribute to achieve other important goals as our students improvement of English and digital competences and the social inclusion.

All our students from 3 to 12 years old will participate organized in 4 different work blocks : block 1with all students from 3 to 6 years old, block 2 with students of 6/7 y.o , block 3 with students of 8/9 y.o and block 4 with students from 10 to 12. Each block will exchange proposals on activities with their corresponding partners block.These activities will be related to the artists´life, their work, artistic movements they belonged to and the implementation of some of their artistics techniques .

Some of the plastic resulting works will be displayed in a travelling exhibition that will take place at the end of the project in the different partner countries.

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