The Caicos Cycle Trail

The Caicos Cycle Trail is a 67 mile (107Km) out-and-back ride starting at Sandy Point Marina, passing the full length of North Caicos, over the causeway to Middle Caiocs, traversing the full length of Middle Caicos to Lorimers Landing, and back. Riders can choose shorter circuits of any length by simply doubling back at their chosen half-way point. The trail is entirely on public paved roads, easily navigated, with lots of opportunities to stop for sight-seeing, water breaks, or refueling. The prevailing winds from the East usually helps push you home.

The Caicos Cycling Trail was created in 2020 as a collaboration between the Bottle Creek Lodge on North Caicos Island and Caicos Cyclery in the Saltmill Plaza on Providenciales.

ATTENTION : Beginning recently, the ferry is now landing at Bellfield Landing rather than Sandy Point Marina. This appears to be a permanent change, Bellfield is scheduled to undergo significant development and should end up being quite a nice marina. As a result, the trail and map have been renovated to change the starting and ending point at Bellfield. Dan Henry arrows will be added soon.

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Printable information about the trail, Dan Henry arrows, and Safety.

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Step-by-step directions, pointing out points of interest and mileages.

Logistics for a day trip from Provo: How to get here and do this ride!

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