Day trip from Provo

If you're coming on a day trip from Provo to ride the trail, you'll need to make some arrangments first. Here's what you need to do:

What did you need?

If you plan to ride the Caicos Cycle Trail, or do any other cycling in the TCI, you need to know what to bring with you to the islands. The answer to this depends on what kind of cycling you want to do. For casual " no legs" cycling, you don't need to bring anything other than casual outdoor clothing; you can rent bikes and helmets. The more dedicated "hairy-legged" cyclist will want to rent a nice road  bike and bring their usual kit, including helmet, eyewear, gloves, shorts and jersey, shoes and pedals, as well as any of their usual carry-on gear. The hard-core "shaved leggers" will pack their bike as well. But leave your EPO at home!

Getting Bikes at Caicos Cyclery

If you're planning a self-guided ride of the trail, contact Caicos Cyclery at (649) 941-7544 to see about renting bikes and helmets. They can give you advise about taking the ferry and the ride itself, &c. 

They also run organized tours/group rides that follow the trail to Mudjin Harbor and back; check with their schedule! This is probably the easiest way to ride the trail.

Taking the Ferry to and from  North Caicos

If you're planning a self-guided ride of the trail, contact Caribbean Cruizin to check the ferry schedule. The schedule changes with the season, during regular tourist season the ferry runs back and forth to North Caicos five times per day. The current rate is $65 for a round-trip ticket; these can be purchased on their web site or at the office before departure.

My advice is to oversee them while they load your bikes onto and off the ferry, especially if you have high-performance bikes; the crew are not all used to bikes as delicate machines.