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Jay Historical

Roy Talks

Roy is blind and we are working on a series of paintings (black themes) with which he can raise funds.

Jay Historical has many fine writers to open memories.

USS O'Callahan Shipmates

Irish Song Facebook

Place your hand over the seal and say a prayer for a friend or a veteran. You will receive an IRISH BLESSING.

The SPRINGS poster is from 1912 and is a fund raiser for The Jay Museum.

$15 at the Museum and Oakes Meats and Lilly Belle's in Jay.


The Save the Collards Foundation is proud to support a world of conflict free collards. Eat your collards in peace. Drink the "pot likker" - not the "kewlaide".

CHUMUCKLA dot com - a place on earth.

CHUMUCKLA NEWS .. recent news

poster for sale - oakes meats


WME3.NET a time tunnel to other things

IN COUNTRY - a blog of a wanderer who may be lost or not.

Vic's Facebook Page

ME3TV - a Facebook window to more than a little

Santa Rosa Genealogical Society, FB


FORT MIMS - the 1813 Massacre

PANHANDLE PIONEERS - Florida Panhandle people looking at roots

USS Houston the LAST STAND ... in memory

........... more -- books

TEKTON Mill Works -- milling lumber to spec and more

JUDGING SHADOWS - a blog researching old unsolved murders in our very own backyard -- Florida Panhandle.

Dr. Bryan Rucker - History ... Patagonia Press

Patagonia - FB Page. (History that is local)

Sharon Marsh - NW FLORIDA History Blog

IVO Duvall, "A Boy In Alaska"

A WW2 Vet and Alaska pioneer writer.

............... Ivo talks about the disaster of Convoy PQ17

Learning --- more histories

Cabeza DeVacca is here

Voted BEST News Feed (John Platt)

Save a collard --- eat a collard. These are the things that make life. A public service message ....

Eat your vegetables