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THE FORT MIMS SERIES - Photos 2011 2012 2013 (youtube)the Fort Mims Massacre of 1813 was a sub-war event involving the Creek Indian Nation within the war of 1812. This Massacre led to the Armies under Andrew Jackson marching into Alabama and Florida to end both the Indian threat and then the British threat which culminated at New Orleans. Much history evolves from this. SEE FORT

PIANO MAN - Jimmy Woolsey of NJ. At over a hundred years of age he still played the piano for his fans. HERE IS A YOUTUBE version.

BRAIN IN A BOX - Taped on a lark, this homeless man provided hours of philosophy and life observations. All the while claiming his genius. A Blog of his reports of travel followed over a few years and then he dropped off the radar about 2010.

The Battle of The Bulge. STREAMING

A collection of remembrances of Christmas from Veterans who who were there.


This one is a download from the Amazon store and makes a wonderful gift or shared viewing with loved ones.

Relaxation DVDs



VOICES OF THE LAND Download DVDis an educational adventure in learning how the "Skylands" region of NJ developed over time.
Flagship of the Asiatic Fleet The Pacific Fleet (sunk in Hawaii) never came to help ... as planned. Heard of the "RIver Kwai"? Death of USS Houston
The Combined ALLIED FLEET was destroyed in this battle. A superb documentary provides the history. The Battle of the Java Sea.

A Little off Balance

but this homeless philosopher provides quite a bit of thoughtful and entertaining dialogue.

Concentration Camp Liberated

An 11th Armored Div Veteran made movies of the liberation

11th Armored in Training -- stream.

11th Armored History ..