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A couple of decades ago, I left the corporate grind and tried my hand at making video productions. An appreciation of veterans and their stories led me to my initial efforts, with a documentary film about the sad fate of the US Asiatic Fleet early in World War II. In particular the film focused on the story of the USS Houston (CA-30). It became a lifelong passion to interview veterans and capture some of their peculiar insight to the human condition as it relates to war. Maybe it helps that I too am a veteran.

SECRET CHILI INGREDIENT (for the contest that began as a scavenger hunt at 12ponder.com .

To your CHILI mix. as it is cooking down - add from 1/2 to 1 full pint of PREMIUM GRAPE JELLY. That is the secret ingredient. Who would guess it? The Full recipe can be retrieved by following the links that begin at 12ponder.com.

THE LAST STAND OF THE USS HOUSTON Was a companion to the highly polished Dutch film - THE BATTLE OF THE JAVA SEA for which I paid US Distribution rights. Neither are available through Buzzcreek as DVD after 2020. A few rare - un-opened copies remain. These are available for $250 each including shipping. Contact by email HERE.

Other veteran favorites center around the films and recollections of Battle of the Bulge veterans. Many of the interviews will be uploaded for viewing on a number of streaming services, including me3tv.org.

Various scenic / relaxation videos will also be placed in streaming services.

Vic Campbell

Vic Campbell

Writer and Filmmaker

"Junction: County Road 197"

Take a look. Download the free pdf or even audio files. You can find a USED copy on Amazon.com or alibris.com

You can download a free PDF version of the book. Just Download it here to read on your computer.

Here is a HISTORY of NW New Jersey It will be made available by streaming sometime after 2021. The DVD copies are no longer available.