49th British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics

19th - 30th August 2019, University of Glasgow, UK

Welcome to the 49th BUSSTEPP Summer School.

It will take place 19th - 30th August 2019.

BUSSTEPP (British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics) is a long-established summer school aimed at PhD students in theoretical particle physics who have completed a year of graduate studies. Having built a very strong international reputation for almost 50 years, it has been supported by STFC or its predecessor in order to provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of research in elementary particle physics.

All the training activities, including lectures, individual study, tutorials and student talks will take place in the Glasgow physics department, located in the heart of Glasgow's west end.

Registration is closed. The list of participants can be found here.

If you have any questions, plases contact Christoph Englert (christoph.englert@glasgow.ac.uk) or Chris Bouchard chris.bouchard@glasgow.ac.uk.

STFC-funded and self-funded students are fully supported. EPSRC and EU-funded students employed at UK universities will be charged £1300 to cover the costs of meals, accommodation and a small administrative charge. Students in other categories will be charged £1620 to cover accommodation, meals and tuition.

The School programme includes:

  • Advanced Topics in QFT (5 lectures): Johannes Henn (MPI Munich)
  • Phenomenology (3 lectures): Fabio Maltoni (Louvain/Bologna)
  • Beyond The Standard Model (6 lectures): Matthew McCullough (CERN/Cambridge)
  • AdS/CFT (4 lectures): Marco Meineri (Lausanne)
  • Cosmology (4 lectures): Clare Burrage (Nottingham)
  • Experimental Particle Physics (3 lectures): Andreas Korn (UCL)
  • Lattice Field Theory (4 lectures): Biagio Lucini (Swansea)
  • String Phenomenology (4 lectures): Eran Palti (MPI Munich)
  • Gravitational Waves (Guest lecture): Martin Hendry (Glasgow)
  • Outreach and Science in the Public: Kate Shaw (Sussex)
  • Student Presentation Sessions

For more information, please contact: Christoph Englert at christoph.englert@glasgow.ac.uk or Chris Bouchard chris.bouchard@glasgow.ac.uk