Photo of Russell Palmer, beard and smile but has 2 MBAs and heart for community

Hello! I am Russell Palmer, you can call me Russ or Rusty... Just please don't call me "Mr. Palmer" that was my father's name.

For my whole life, have been working on developing teams; during my dual MBA & BA education I worked with teams to help small businesses with marketing projects, new product development, product deployment, branding, event planning, social media strategy development & now I am working independently to help small businesses use technology to get new business and continued patronage.

My passions are:

  • helping small businesses
  • building up the community
  • Support Local
  • nurturing startup businessess
  • supporting entrepreneurs
  • coaching a team
  • constantly learning new technology tools.


Recently in January 2019, as a marketing professional working with a digital marketing company, I made a discovery in digital marketing trends specifically impacting nonprofits web traffic. After meeting with potential nonprofit clients and doing analysis of their web traffic, I noticed a huge drop in organic traffic. I believe this is partially due to new SEO tools such as Spyfu, and Nacho Analytics, but also Google algorithms and the SEM advertising strategies of larger companies. One really big problem is that these nonprofits do not have any support in their digital marketing and it is almost as if they are going out to sea with no radar, no sail, no engine, and no map or plan.

Watching this play out over the years as a business consultant, a startup incubator and a coworking community activist; I have spent time discouraging passionate people with good causes to NOT start a nonprofit. I have expressed the fact that nonprofits create the most complex way about doing something we should all agree is worth doing. Even while discouraging some from starting, I have encountered some developed teams that had a lot of resources put together and teams with a mission, but they still sought financial resources to move forward progressively.

So for a long time now I have been thinking "how can I help?" and given my background, I have always cared more for people and environment than profit. While I pursued two MBAs as a student, I spent most of my time focused on community building, bringing people together, organizing volunteers, organizing people politically, and studying concepts like time banking, benefit corps, corporate social responsibility, green tech and sustainable business models. Considering marketing is my best skill set and I have a passion for consulting in a coaching sort of relationship, I plan to work with nonprofit clients. I will be quite selective about who I work with and I will always seek to find the best fit to create a successful outcome.

After much thought, I decided to create a new department of the marketing company I have been working, Community Clicks with the purpose of helping nonprofits in their digital marketing efforts. The services I plan to offer are:

  • Google Advertising grant consulting: This resource provided by Google, starts off at $10,000 a month of advertising credit, I am looking for nonprofits that want to work together to get to the next tier of ad grant funding, which is $40,000 of ad credit per month!!
  • Google tool belt: Google Suite can make a nonprofit more efficient, more organized and professional, but setting it up right and teaching your entire team is what I will be providing.
  • Business development and program development: A nonprofit is no different from business, they both need to generate revenue and be relevant to the dollars spent in the market they serve. That being said, nonprofits with Google Grant Ad credits should be looking at various ways they can fulfill their mission and purpose while also generating revenue to be a sustainable organization. I would love to help nonprofits to come up with programs or business models that serve our community and continue to do so for years to come!
  • Digital Marketing Services: Our team can handle any digital marketing project from website development to social media management and even highly technical services such as SEO.

I cannot wait to help guide you through the steps of getting the Google Grant and get the opportunity to work with your team to develop new ways to make money for your organization's purpose. Let's begin a healthy business relationship today!

Here is why you will like working with me:

I am highly driven, self disciplined, I work like an entrepreneur because I have always been one, I have done many projects and even started businesses of my own. I am a self starter that is consistently in the market industry, learning and bringing knowledge back for improvement.

I love trying new things and discovering new resources. For example, every time I do something I have not done in awhile I attempt to learn it again seeking new innovations, resources, techniques or tools that will allow me to do the job better. Also, because I am always learning I can consult and identify inefficiencies problems or pain points for prospects and, and effectively communicate how a product or service can be a solution.

I have a background of over 5 years in marketing, advertising, business services in an all B2B environment.

I have the ability to quickly win trust and build relationships with people of all ages, cultures, ranks, backgrounds and otherwise. I can use stories and make people feel comfortable with me or my products/services I represent.

Exceptional customer relationship management skills: communication, empathy, integrity, and genuine curiosity about people's individual character combined with excellent listening skills.

I am creative, fun, understanding, and I have exceptional communications skills via both verbal and written communications but also I have public speaking skills with experience speaking to crowds from 10 to 300 people. As a leader, I also have taken courses on crisis management and crisis communication. While I am skilled in avoiding a crisis, I am also skilled in managing a crisis to become a new opportunity.

I have technology communication skills also, meaning when I get an email, I respond; when I get a text, I respond; same with social media or otherwise all digital messengers.

I have better than average understanding of information technology, but also I am humble and willing to explain things to other team members or customers. I have enough computer skills to handle most things on my own, but I really like good solid team work that lets everyone shine with their talents.

I am self-disciplined in daily tasks, prospecting, follow up, and reporting.

If you are seeking an energetic, motivational, enthusiastic, team working, technophile: you found me!

Russell Palmer

MBA Management 2017

MBA Entrepreneurship 2015

BA Psychology & Marketing 2012


If you are interested in working with me, please reach out to me via email

Past Projects:

The Headquarters Coworking


Youtube about: #TheHQ Youtube

The Revolve Project


Youtube about: Revolve Project Youtube

Revolve Touch software project

Website page: Revolve Touch Inc.

Youtube about: Revolve Touch Youtube

Make sure to check out Community Clicks if you have a 501 (c)3 that needs help getting more resources, more attendees to events, and more donations. Your nonprofit may have been struggling with traffic online, Community Clicks can do a FREE Assessment of your online traffic and help you to determine if this is a problem impacting your nonprofit's engagement of the community. With Community Clicks, we want to help 501(c)3 nonprofits to get the google grant and use it to maximize their success in reaching their organization's mission goals. Nonprofits can create ways for social and environmental changes we believe the world needs today, let www.CommunityClicks.Org be the resource to help your organization change the world for the better!