Does your Passion need Marketing & Advertising Services?

Please understand this is a minimal site used in lue of a business card, I do not like business cards much... Big waste of time..

My Name is Russell Palmer, I believe business owners have a passion for what they do and the other parts of business are just headaches....

So, I have created a website to broadcast quality services, showcase projects I am working on and talk about business solutions and discuss lessons I've learned. I will focus on digital marketing (including both SEO and SEM), branding, startup projects, events, entrepreneurship, community building and a twist of Support Local messaging. I am open to discussing new projects, ideas and enjoy a good debate.

Digital Marketing for ALL!

I am personally consulting startups, existing businesses, nonprofits (specifically 501 (c) 3) with business development, professional business organization and digital marketing needs. If you need help, feel free to reach out to me with your problem or opportunity at

    • I will help you with Digital Marketing
    • Adwords Management & Adwords Grant Maximization
    • Teaching Tools of Google Suite
    • Business/Program Development
    • Event Consulting
    • General Consulting Services
    • Many other services from service partners I represent such as Legal, insurance or other business basics.